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Ndutu Day II Part II (Wedding Anniversary)

Finally, some cats

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We're ready to roll for another afternoon of exciting adventures in the African wilderness.







Dik diks mate for life, so more often than not you find two together or even three, like here with their offspring.








“Sit down and close your window!” comes the urgent call from Malisa as we find ourselves right in the middle of a swarm of bees flying from one nest to another. Phew, that could have been nasty!







We see three different vultures (Lappet Faced, African White backed and Hooded) sitting in a tree and wonder if there is a kill somewhere.


It's mid-afternoon and we still haven't seen any cats today.




Cute little baby, some 3-4 months old. Later we see an adult wildebeest, on his own, limping badly. I cannot help to think he will be someone's dinner tonight.




There's a lot of dust around this afternoon and I am seriously worried about my lungs. They do not feel good. I am therefore grateful when the skies start getting darker and more threatening.


With a strange light, dark clouds and rain on the horizon; it looks like we are in for some inclement weather.


I am hoping for a dramatic thunder storm.


No such luck though. The rain is somewhat localised, and fortunately not in our locale.



But I guess it is best to start heading towards the camp.


Before long, the skies are blue with pretty pink clouds. Talk about changeable!



Time is getting on, the light is fading fast, and we have given up all hope of seeing any big cats today, which means these two lions are a real bonus.


Not that they do much, but enough to get a few nice photos to round the day off nicely.




She is greatly bothered by flies, and tries to wipe them off with her paw.


It doesn't last long, however.



Time is moving on, the lions are tired and we really should be getting back to camp.






On the way we see a lone buffalo in the sunset.



And then another.









One of the things I love about a safari in Africa is that we get well away from any light pollution, making the stars all the more visible at night. I am very surprised, and delighted, that we are able to see any stars at all this evening after all the thick, dark clouds that covered the sky just a couple of hours ago.

The downside of being in the wilderness, of course, is the fact that we are surrounded by wild and dangerous animals, which means I can't stray far from the lodge and the armed askari guards.

Setting up my tripod just outside the entrance to the lodge means I do get some stray light from behind, but we can still see the milky way quite clearly.



As I said in the very first blog post from this trip, the reason for being here in our favourite part of the world at this time, is to celebrate forty years of married bliss.

We brought with us a bottle of bubbly from the UK, which Nina, the waiter, kindly opens for us at dinner.





I clear my throat, bring out a scroll tied with red ribbon, unroll it and begin to read:


Ode to marriage

The year was 1974
In Wembley near London Town
A boy wooed a girl with flowers and more
He wanted to settle down

The girl was from Norway, her English not good
He loved her accent and eyes
Always a gentleman, just as he should
Much better than other guys

She was so young and impressed by his car
Just 16 years old, in her prime
He chatted her up in the Century bar
Into his Lotus she'd climb

Education finished, she left her school
To Norway she must return
If he let her go, he would be a fool
He knew he would always yearn

He told her he loved her and would she be his?
She said “yes” straight away
They must stay together, she surely agrees
“Let's get married, without delay”

Friday the 13th the engagement took place
But the very next day she left
He jacked in his job and took up the chase
To Norway, feeling bereft

Friday the 13th, such a special date
“Let's see when the next one is”
The following year was the estimate
To enter married bliss

By 1977 they wed
In Oslo Town Hall it was
From the bright lights of London to Bristol they fled
In a fancy car of course

They easily settled as husband and wife
Both working as hard as they could
To pay for their major passion in life
Exploring the neighbourhood

Their travels took them to near and far
A never-ending quest
From Antarctica, to China to Zanzibar
They were totally obsessed

The years quickly passed amid work and fun
And travels to faraway lands
A number of bucket list items were done
Scuba, canoeing, and boarding on sands

Work in IT and banking, a means to an end
For funding the thrill-seekers' aim
Rafting and driving a tank round the bend
Quite the daredevils they became

Zeppelin, bobsleigh and bamboo raft
Plus driving a Formula Ford
They sailed and quad-biked and often laughed
Even bungy, but never bored

DIY, cars and cycling too
Always busy, he loved to be
Participating in local voodoo
He even learned to ski

Her passions are cooking and photography
And travelling as much as she can
Sociable, smiling and very carefree
She idolises her man

Old age has crept up, with health not so great
But they're only as young as they feel
Troubles are easy when shared with your mate
Which was always part of the deal

To mark this occasion, where should they be?
A favourite haunt for sure
Tanzania of course, for a safari
Such a wonderful place to explore

As they sit here tonight, celebrating their love
Memories plenty to look back on
They thank their stars and heavens above
For the 40 years that have gone

It's 40 years since she gave him her heart
And she loves him more than ever
She said she's be with him “till death us do part”
And even then it's forever

By the time I am finished there is not a dry eye in the house, even the waiter has to wipe away a tear.


As was the case at lunch, a selection of several dishes are brought to our table: stir fried chicken, curried vegetables, lentils, potatoes and rice, preceded by soup and followed by fresh fruit.



Malisa also has a surprise up his sleeve: he has arranged for the lodge to make us a cake. The entire staff of the lodge accompany it is brought out, singing traditional Tanzanian songs and keeping the rhythm by banging kitchen utensils. Love it!



Who would have thought, all those years ago, that this young couple would be here in the African wilderness forty years later, drinking champagne and eating celebration cake.


Calabash Adventures really are the best, thank you so much for all the arrangements.


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Oh wow! No dry eyes here either. I felt like I was there with you on the trip and at the meal!
Such a fantastic ode to a fantastic marriage!
Congratulations to you both. x

by Natalie

So glad you could celebrate in such a wonderful place! We went on honeymoon to Kruger Park 38 years ago... so not quite there yet. Also enjoying all your lovely experiences and pictures. God bless.

by Friedrich von Hörsten

Wonderful!!! Simply wonderful way to celebrate 40th Anniversary !Melissa seems to be a genius company ! Very fortunate to have him with you!!!

by Goutam Mitra

What a wonderful way to celebrate 40 years together, and your poem says it all. Many congratulations!

And not forgetting that this is also a safari, I loved your lion photos, the black vervet monkeys and the sky in all its changing moods :-)

by ToonSarah

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