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Golf del Sur, Tenerife

Goodbye rain, hello sunshine

Thursday 10th May

The old adage of 'you get what you pay for, is certainly true of Ryanair; it also seems to dictate the type of clientèle you get. I'm not sure whether it was Hannah's hen party of Steve's stag night who won the decibel competition (although the kid testing his lung capacity came a very close third). Hannah and her friends did a very good farmyard impression, cackling like chickens and squealing like pigs, but Steve won the Most Ridiculous Travel Outfit Ever competition: lemon yellow baby grow with lime green spots finished with a large red bow on the top of his head. The cabin crew were less than impressed and threatened to fly us to Iceland rather than Tenerife if the hens didn't shut up and listen to the safety announcements. Every third announcement over the tannoy seemed to be directed at the gaggle of girls - “please sit down”, “please don't scream”, “please consider passengers around you”, “please fasten your set belt”, “please listen to the safety briefing”, “please don't ring for attention, we WILL get to you with the drinks trolley...”


We landed (very heavily it has to be said) in Tenerife to much cheering and screeching from the farm animals (and much annoyance to the cabin crew as the girls refused to remain seated); and other than having to carefully step over a large pile of vomit in the corridor to the terminal building, it was all very civilised.


First impressions are that Tenerife is almost deserted. 30 spare seats on the aircraft meant we had a row of three seats to ourselves; and the man from the car hire firm lamented we were his only customers today. There wasn't another soul in the enormous lobby area of the hotel when we arrived, not even any staff behind reception. Only a single one of the hundred or so sunbeds around the pool was taken. To be fair, it was 18:00 by this time and maybe all the guests were back in their rooms getting ready for a wild night on town. Or maybe not.


After a quick visit to the supermarket next door, we settled on the balcony with some cheese and wine. Not overly impressed with the wine, nor the cheese for that matter, but the balcony is lovely, as is the apartment in general. Simply furnished but very clean and spacious.


As the wifi doesn't quite reach to the room (despite the receptionist's attempt at giving us the (vacant) room nearest the lobby for that reason), I was forced to go to the bar later in the evening in order to upload this blog, Oh, the lengths I go to for my readers!

Posted by Grete Howard 14:15

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I'm sure your fellow passengers would have competition with the screaming kids at the nature museum today ;o/ Have fun! looking forward to more!

by Helen

At least you landed safely after what must have seemed like a long 4 hour flight.
We greatly appreciate the efforts you go to so we can keep informed! Thanks,Grete.

by Kay

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