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Toraja Funeral Animal Sacrifice - WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES

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Below are some images from the buffalo sacrifice at the Toraja funeral we attended in Rantepao. You can read the story and explanations in the full blog entry here.

The animals, which are tied to a tree by one leg, are given a short slice to the neck, causing copious amounts of blood to spurt out.



The squirting blood is considered sacred, and it is important for the blood to be seeping into the earth.

A 'butcher' covered in blood, much to the amusement of the onlookers. Several people take it in turn to perform the killings.

It isn’t so much the actual killings that I find so hard to accept (after all, I eat meat, and most of my father’s family were farmers), it’s the fact that the buffalo do not die instantly, they thrash about for several minutes afterwards in obvious pain and distress. The guttural sound of the buffalo cries, which doesn't come out through the now-severed larynx, but instead escapes through the cut in the throat, will haunt me forever.


Cleaning the knife between each sacrifice

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Yep, I know it is a tradition but I don't get the suffer of the animals??? To me this too is inhumane.

by Ils1976

I hated seeing the animals die so slowly. As a carnivore, I accept that animals are killed for my meat, but please do it humanely and quickly so that there is no suffering. :(

by Grete Howard

I agree with you 100 %. I also eat meat but I hate it when animals suffer. As a grandchild / child of a farmer, my granddad / father also provided our own meat but they made sure it was done in a way humane way! I must admit growing up I not always agreed with them and even managed to let a few chickens and even a pig to freedom! :)

by Ils1976

I would hate to see such suffering for the animals, although I too eat meat, and I also understand and accept that different cultures have different attitudes to such things

by ToonSarah

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