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Manado - Tangkoko

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After feeling nauseous and having diarrhea before going to bed yesterday, I had a dreadful, dreadful night. I estimate that I was awake some 40-50 times during the restless night, including waking with a start from several horrid nightmares; and up four times with an upset tummy. Everything hurts this morning: my back, my legs, my knees, my tummy, my head… This is the worst I have felt for a long, long time, and I have no inclination to eat breakfast this morning.

Ban Hin Kiong Taoist Temple

Established in 1819 during the Qing Dynasty in China, this is the oldest – and largest – Chinese temple in Manado. Ban means abundant, Hin means blessings or prosperity, and Kiong means palace.



After a fire in 1970, the temple was beautifully renovated into what we see today, a popular place for tourists and locals to visit; as well as a place of worship for the followers of Tridharma. The temple also plays host to various annual festivals.



As I am still feeling like ‘death warmed up’, I stay in the car while David goes with Egi, our guide, to explore the temple.




The Statue of Christ Blessing AKA Yesus Statue

This statue of Jesus stands 50 metres (158.3 feet) tall and consists of 20 metres of pedestal and 30 metres of statue, and not only is it the largest Jesus statue in Asia, but it was also the tallest ‘flying statue’ in the world at the time of its completion, and is among the five largest statues of Jesus Christ in the world as well in the top ten tallest sculptures in Asia.


The ‘flying’ reference is explained by the fact that the statue is mounted on a pedestal at an angle of 20°, which creates the impression of Jesus soaring in the air.


Tongkoko Sanctuary Villa

I sleep 99% of the way to Tongkoko, still feeling very rough. Our room is still being cleaned when we arrive at the lodge.

Going off to check out our room

When Egi spots all the steps leading from our room to the restaurant, he contacts Theo, the manager of the local agent who has arranged this part of the trip. Theo suggests that we move to another lodge without such a climb. While he sorts out the logistics, all our luggage goes back in the car and we travel the mile or so to the next place.

The steps lead further up, about the same distance around the corner, not easy to navigate when you have limited mobility

Tongkoko Lodge

Lunch is served as soon as we arrive at the lodge, but I have no appetite whatsoever.


We are given a ‘holding’ room while Theo sorts out accommodation for us, so that I can go to bed. I have a temperature of 38 °C now (100.4 °F), and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Tangkoko Batuangas Reserve

While I sleep, David goes off for a hike in the national park with Egi and a local guide called Landy, to look for endemic birds and animals. The following photos are from David’s mobile phone.

Crested Macaque

Knobbed Hornbill


After their return, Egi confirms that Theo has arranged for another couple to swap hotels with us (with their agreement), so that we can have their room here at Tangkoko Lodge, and they take over our room in Tangkoko Sanctuary Villa. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for the agent, and I am very grateful to Theo for sorting this out. We move to our 'permanent' room, which is not much different from the ‘holding room’ just bigger, with one double and one single bed. I choose the single, and go back to sleep while David goes for dinner. That is me for the day!

I am intrigued by the light switch being so high up the wall, especially considering Indonesians are so short

This trip was arranged by Undiscovered Destinations, our favourite tour operator.


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So sad to read you are not feeling well ... hope everything progresses in the right way and you get better real soon!

by Ils1976

Thank you so much Ils, it was not a good day. :(

by Grete Howard

A shame you were feeling so rough, but what attentive service from guide and agent!

by ToonSarah

The local agents were amazing, we have always found that with Undiscovered Destinations, they seem to pick great ground handlers.

by Grete Howard

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