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Tangkoko Batuangas Reserve

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Having gone to bed with a fever and slept since lunchtime yesterday, I wake up at some stage in the night with a warm feeling in my nether regions and a desperate urge to poo. Too late. I try to clear up the mess as best as I can from the bed, my nightdress, the floor, and the toilet, before going back to sleep. The same thing happens a short while later. I can’t remember the last time I felt so ill, and messing the bed has only ever happened to me once before in the 40+ years I have travelled with severe IBS. I am mortified. I make a further eight visits to the toilet before the alarm goes off at 05:00, by which time I feel like a wet rag.

I leave a tip and an apology for the maid

Tangkoko Batuangas Reserve

At 05:30, David goes off with Landy, the local wildlife guide, for another exploration of the national park. Egi (our guide here in north Sulawesi) stays behind in case I feel well enough to venture out. I don’t. The following photos are screen prints from David’s video.

The park entrance

Nice wide and even paths, at least initially

Cuscus Bear

Orche Bellied Boobook Owl

Black Naped Oriole

Red Backed Mountain Thrush

Knobbed Hornbill

Sulawesi Dwarfed Kingfisher

Spot Railed Sparrowhawk

Crested Macaque



Plantain Squirrel

Green Backed Kingfisher



When the explorers return, I join David for breakfast, eating a small omelette and half a slice of dry bread. Egi offers us the opportunity to visit a local village, but I decline and go back to bed, where I spend the rest of the day


We both miss lunch, but David does go to dinner, and even remembers to take photos of the food (and drink)

Rice, shredded vegetables, fish, squid, vegetable fritters and a Bintang. Plus papaya for dessert.

It’s days like this that I am incredibly grateful that we travel on a private tour, and with a reputable company that can make changes and alterations to the itinerary without affecting anyone else. Thank you Undiscovered Destinations and their local team for looking after me these last couple of days while I have been feeling poorly.


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So sad to read you are not well!!! This is the last thing you need on a trip but you are right, when traveling in group, you need to go on. My best friend travelled to the Philippines with her boyfriend on a private trip and loved it as well. Sadly when traveling on my own in far away places I prefer to go in group, but I get the benefits of private traveling 100 %.

by Ils1976

Thank you Ils. Group turs have many benefits, and we've made some wonderful lifelong friends on them (we still keep in touch with a girl we met on a group tour to Thailand and Hong Kong in 1982), but I am at that stage in life now that I prefer to travel just the two of us. ♥

by Grete Howard

I completely understand, so is my best friend at this moment ... she did a private tour and is hooked ever since. Being a solo traveller, this sometimes is not easy!

by Ils1976

Group tours are good for solo travellers, for sure, it means you have someone to eat dinner with, if nothing else. We used to do a lot of group tours, but started exclusively doing private tours for several of reasons: 1. we had a couple of really bad fellow travellers that put us off 2. I found that I wasn't able to listen to the guide, ask questions, make notes, and take photographs before the guide moved on to the next place. 3. My fitness - I struggle to walk at times if my arthritis is bad, and I would no longer be able to keep up with a group. 4. I like to add and subtract places on my itinerary. 5. Most group tours include some shopping stops, and I hate shopping! 6. On a private tour I can spend as long or as little time in each place as I want, and if either of us is not feeling well, we can go back to the hotel.

by Grete Howard

Such a shame you had to miss out on what looks like a wonderful array of wildlife!

by ToonSarah

Yes, it was, it was one of the things I was really looking forward to before we left home. :(

by Grete Howard

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