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Vestvågøya - Evenes - Oslo - London - Home

Farewell Norway

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Today we make an early start for our drive back to Evenes Airport for the flight home. Leaving Ure to join the main road, takes us over a mountain pass with spectacular S bends. This is the only time we have been grateful for the lack of snow, and more importantly, ice, on this whole trip.

It is still dark when we reach the E10 highway. Despite being only half-awake, I spot something at the side of the road. It looks like a donkey – then I realise: it's an elk! Neither of the others have seen it, and they don't believe me at first, so I make David turn the car around.

There she is, grazing in amongst the trees. The photo is absolute rubbish at 25,600 ISO, but I don't care, IT'S AN ELK!


Footnote: Although called 'Elg' in Norwegian, the elk / moose found in Norway (Alces alces) is a different species to the American elk.

The journey home via Gardemown and Gatwick is smooth and painless, and we get back just after midnight. It's been a long day, but we have plenty of awesome memories from the north and some good photos.

Our route through Lofoten

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Tromsø - Oslo - London - Bristol

Homeward bound

overcast -3 °C
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After a lovely deep sleep, I drag myself out of bed at 06:30 this morning. For breakfast I have one of my all-time favourite Christmas Eve breakfast: 'lefse med sylte' – pressed cold meat (made with flesh from the head of a pig – not dissimilar to brawn or head cheese, but with less jelly) rolled up in a flat potato bread.


Getting to the airport takes longer than anticipated, not just because we have to ensure the car is filled up with diesel before taking it back, but also because of the icy road conditions this morning. After 1500 kilometers of incident free diving in Norway, David skids at the very last roundabout. Thankfully there is nothing in his path, so no harm done.

We also struggle big time to get from the car park to the terminal entrance at the airport on foot – the sloping path is covered in black ice. After a slow and very careful shuffle, we finally make it to the door, trailing the bags behind us.

At the SixT counter we are somewhat surprised – and a little embarrassed – to find they have already heard about our little unfortunately telephone conversation with Lørenskog Vets (find the story here). Fame (?) at last...

Waiting for the flight to depart from Tromsø, I make two observations:

1. Reindeer get everywhere. Even on pizza.


2. The digital generation would be lost without their gadgets


SAS Flight from Tromsø to Oslo

“To the 'gentleman' in seat 18A: if the two inches you reclined your seat gave you half as much extra comfort as it gave me extra DIScomfort; you must have had a wonderful flight.

Lucky you.

I am currently trying to regain some sort of feeling in my legs.”


The connection at Oslo was already a tight 55 minutes, and our flight departing Tromsø 25 minutes late adds to the rush. The fact that we land at Gate 12 and the next flight departs from Gate 57 doesn't help either. I have never been any good at running, especially not after being cramped in a tight airline seat for two hours.

We make it as the last two people to board, just as they are closing the gate. The upside is: we have three seats for two on this leg! Room to spread and give my knees some much needed space!

The approach to Heathrow is always exciting, and I don't think I will ever tire of looking out of the window to see all the famous landmarks of London spread out below me. Even on a dull grey day through a dirty window...






And with that, I will bid you farewell - for this time - and get back to planning my next trip.


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